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Removals made easy within Tauranga, surrounding areas and throughout the North Island with U-Pak Removals

Handy Hints...

Kitty Love
  • Try to reduce the amount of perishables in the refrigerator and freezer

  • Have a chilli bin on hand for the contents of the fridge to go into

  • Minimise stress by packing some items away in a spare room

  • Call upon a friend or family member to take the children out for the day or organise a sleep over at a friend's house

  • Make sure your animals are out of harms way and that cats are placed in carry boxes first thing on your removal day

  • Label boxes clearly and indicate which way is up

  • Pack heavy items over a number of different boxes - mix them with lighter items on the top and label your boxes clearly

  • Place linen on the bottom and tops of boxes, this adds extra padding for protection

  • Pack fragile items into small boxes and label clearly

Moving Checklist...


Moving is a lot less stressful if you plan well in advance. While there are many things to remember, planning will make things so much easier so our removals team in Tauranga has formulated a checklist that we hope will be of help.

  • Book your removal company in as soon as possible to ensure you can move on your preferred day

  • Buy boxes and packaging materials if you intend to pack yourself. For local moves, UPak Removals can rent out good quality boxes; contact us for purchasing information

  • Hand in your notice if you're renting as soon as possible to ensure you get your bond back

  • Place change of address notifications both with your postal company so that your mail will be re-directed

  • Cancel newspaper deliveries

  • Organise a cleaner and gardener for the day after you move out.

  • Arrange a final reading for your power and gas

  • Arrange the disconnecting and reconnection of phone / Internet use.

  • If renting take note of your final water meter reading

Advise any companies to pay bills to or professionals that care for your family of your change of address:

  • Power Company

  • Telephone Company

  • Schools

  • Doctor

  • Insurance Companies

  • Dentist

  • Banks

  • Friends & Family

  • NZ Post for vehicle registrations

Transfer records if moving to another area or out of town, i.e:

  • Dental Records

  • Medical Records

  • Veterinary

  • School or Child Care Records

Organise a rubbish bin to be dropped outside your house.

Moving is a fabulous opportunity to get rid of all those items that have been gathering dust and aren't really needed.

Dangerous Goods...

Flammable Sign.png

Due to the Carriage of Goods Act, U-Pak Removals are unable to carry dangerous goods.

Please allow for the following items to travel via a private vehicle:

  • Ammunition

  • Paints

  • Gas cylinders (unless empty)

  • Kerosene

  • Petrol

  • Chemicals

Transit Insurance...


​While we take great care, accidents can and may happen.


Please note our prices do not include insurance cover. All removals, whether household, business or commercial, are carried at the Owner's risk with no insurance, as defined by The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017:

"All goods are carried at the Owner's risk. This means that we (the carrier) will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged unless we (the carrier) intentionally loses or damages them."

We highly recommend that you talk to your own insurance provider or Vero Marine in relation to Transit Insurance to ensure you will have enough insurance cover to suit your needs and expectations.

U-Pak has Limited Carriers Liability insurance with Vero Marine that covers accidental damage to goods, up to a certain amount, in the event of the truck overturning, vehicle accidents and fire.

Please reach out if you have any questions or contact Vero Marine.



Important Things to do if Storing for some time:

  • Keep out cotton sheets for our U-Pak Removal team to cover the top of everything with. This will hold any dust off that may settle helping to keep your belongings nice and clean. Extra sheets or the equivalent are wonderful for placing in between items for added protection so don't pack things like this away

  • If packing your own belongings, make sure you use good strong boxes and that each box can be taped down. This will help us with stacking

  • Do not pack any leather items, as they can tend to sweat in storage. They are fine to store as long as you put large items like leather couches up on pallets for airflow and have them placed at the front of your unit so that you can keep a regular check on them

  • Make sure your storage facility has vermin control. Mice are even in residential houses - they are everywhere so bait is a must. If there's bait in your storage space you have peace of mind that your belongings will be in tact when you move them out of storage

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